The Starstruck Power Statement

Our program strives to not only create GREAT CHEERLEADERS but to create GREAT PEOPLE. This season, we have created a power statements to set a standard for our teams and their season. This power statement embodies our goals in regards to athlete's attitudes, work ethic, and high-caliber performance.

  • "We train HARD and ACHIEVE SUCCESS by performing SHOW STOPPING routines full of ENERGY and PRECISION with the intention of ENTERTAINING the crowd and judges." 



Our Mission Statement

Our purpose is to promote a high sense of self-esteem, good sportsmanship, and physical well-being to our students, while acquiring and perfecting the fundamental skills of cheerleading, gymnastics, and various styles of dance. Students will learn routines that embody these fundamentals and will perform these routines at the regional, state, national and even world level. We provide a safe, fun, friendly, and family oriented environment where students will work under the guidance of caring professionals who can assist each student in succeeding to the best of their ability. Our goal is to educate young people of these sports fundamentals while also teaching them the importance of life qualities such as: attitude, honesty, energy, outlook, responsibility, commitment, hard work, dedication, pride and teamwork.  Overtime we hope to educate the community by increasing the support and popularity of cheerleading and dance as well as to maintain a winning tradition for years to come.

History of Starstruck

Starstruck Cheer and Dance was Co-founded by Michael and Tera DeGuzman in the Spring of 2002. The idea of creating a safe, fun, family oriented and highly competitive program was a dream turned to reality when Starstruck opened its doors to 60 students in June of 2002.  Since then, Starstruck has become one of the longest standing cheerleading gyms in the Central Valley.  Starstruck is also recognized for its fast rise to success with numerous championship and national titles received within the last decade of existence.  With its highly qualified staff, innovative choreography, cutting edge music, hard working students, and overwhelming support, it's no surprise that Starstruck is so highly regarded in the cheerleading and dance industry. Beyond the awards remain the ideals and the high standards in professionalism, sportsmanship, and dedication, which separates Starstruck from all the others.

Welcome to our Starstruck Family!!!